Boise Music Festival is Idaho's Largest one day music festival and so there are always things to learn.

Last year was my first Boise Music Festival so I have a bit to learn but I did pick up some things. I know when the weather is suspect, and when it's hit a lot of tips have to do with it. This year it's not going to be too hot 77.

  1. Hydrate and stay hydrated. Make a point to set reminders or a timer and try to drink water and not just other drinks.
  2.  Food 101: Eat small and make more stops. There are so many food trucks and good eats, so eat multiples, but try to save room.
  3. Be on the lookout for giveaways. Mix 106 will have lots of giveaways and ways to get upgraded. You will see the tent and then Billy and myself ( Charene).

June 22nd is almost here. Stay up with us on instagram, Facebook and tune in on the app.

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