Check out the bulldog mixes down below that are currently available and looking for their forever homes.

You know, we often hear of these stereotypes about bulldog breeds being incredibly mean and dangerous, but the reality is … they’re just like any other dog; they come with that undeniable, unconditional love, and they just want to be that happy addition to our families.

As for how aggressive they might be, that unfortunately depends on people … and you know how that goes.

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Regardless of how responsible (or irresponsible) an owner is with their dogs, we're probably never going to completely erase the unfortunate stereotypes these breeds have, so I am beyond thrilled to learn about this day that exists to celebrate them and highlight their awesome qualities.

According to National Today, it is National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day.

According to their article, U.S. French Bulldogs are the 4th most popular dog in the country and American Bulldogs are the 5th. “The modern bulldog is gentle, affectionate, and stable both in terms of temperament and appearance. They may be small but are capable of great power and are super-loyal and brave when it comes to their human companions, especially children.”

I don’t have any official data, but I would bet this is exactly the case here in Idaho. There are a lot of bulldog mixes finding amazing, younger families! So, I compiled a list of the available dogs (with the word “bull” in their mixes) that are currently available at the Idaho Humane Society and the West Valley Humane Society.

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