It seems almost conflicting, but while this winter has meant great snow in the mountains, it's also going to go on record as being warmer than usual in the Treasure Valley. 

According to our news partner KTVB Newschannel 7, our official "meteorological winter" (December, January, February) has shown abnormally warm temperatures across the entire region.  Enough so to hit record temperatures more than once.

While our winters are generally milder than many expect (I've had friends moving to the area expecting snow-covered roads most of the winter), typically we've seen much colder temperatures and the assumption is we would definitely see more Valley snow.

That's the one exception to the rule, as Boise snowfall in 2020 has been close to the average.  So far, our winter snowfall has been around 15 inches.  Average would be 19, so we're not too far off that measurement, even with warmer temps.

You might recall just days before Christmas, our temperature in Boise reached 61 degrees.  That was only the third time that warm a temp had been recorded at the Boise Airport since the 1940s.

2020 is the tenth warmest December since 1940 and fifth warmest Januarys since those records started being tracked in 1940.

This was quite a change from just last year when October set records for being one of the coldest.

Connell - Front Yard Melting
Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media Boise

A few winters ago, the scene was quite different as we had snow on the ground for almost three weeks.

Connell - Townsquare Parking Lot
Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media Boise

This scene hasn't been played out much this year, but we're actually not too far behind normal snowfall.

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