Woo! The time is going by so quickly... My fiance is out of town and I've decided since we're always talking about it on the show, I'd watch The Bachelor and see what the hype is all about. I think a lot of guys would love to be in this guy's position and I'm so happy I'm not!

We'll get married on April 25th, exactly 3 years after our first contact. Stacy and I got engaged last May at Sea World and just moved here to the Treasure Valley. She's finishing up her PhD in Psychology and so she's in and out of town pretty frequently.

Everyone says the time goes by so fast and man, is that true... It'll be eleven and a half months of engagement when we get married and it's just flown by. I'm thinking man, 60 days... 60 days to lose a few pounds so I don't look goofy in a suit. 60 days to write the right vows, to come up with the right words to pledge myself to my person. 60 days to live in the moment and remember the time when we were engaged. This is a pretty cool stage in a relationship that will be remembered fondly, for sure.

The cool thing is, once the engagement and the wedding and the honeymoon are all over, we'll be able to sit down and watch garbage TV like The Bachelor with each other for the rest of our lives. 60 more years would be ideal. That would put me at 93 and a half. If I could steal more time than that, I'd love to. In fact, I think when we first got together I told her I want 70 years. But give me at least 60 years and 60 days. Sorry for all the math, in case you can't tell, I like this woman... A lot.

So in 60 days, wish us well, we'd appreciate your good vibes!

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