A question my aunt asked me yesterday, regarding Coronavirus, which I initially thought was silly, but then I got a Twitter notification about the CDC's assessment of the virus and no, I'm not going to wear one, yet...

I'm not a live in fear type of person; I try not to be, especially with things like the Coronavirus. I can already see it being one of those things that's just listed as a part of 2020 when people start doing those year end wrap-up/reflections, etc. And here in Idaho, we're in the clear as of now, there have been zero cases of the virus anywhere near us.

It is a little disturbing that the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo my end up being canceled because of this whole thing, but I suppose that better than people from every single country in the world gathering in one place and spreading it.

What's creepy about it to me is that the symptoms seem to present very cold/flu like at first, and that it could take up to two years for scientists to come up with a vaccine. So hopefully this isn't our modern plague that eliminates half the world's population.

The US CDC has just warned that if the virus spreads, "Americans should prepare for the possibility of disruptions to their daily lives if the virus were to start spreading in the U.S. That could include closing schools, working from home and delaying elective medical procedures."

This, I can handle. A little more eating at home, maybe I can get the radio station to allow me to broadcast from home if it gets to that point. Eventually, this whole thing will pass and we'll have something new to be afraid of. In the mean time, I'll continue living my life like normal until I'm told otherwise. By an official authority, by the way, not some weird internet article like this one.

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