Might surprise you... I feel like people seem to be busy bees here, but of the 116 largest cities in the United States, Boise didn't even rank in the top 50!

Wallethub put together a list of the top 50 hardest working cities in the United States and I was a little shocked to see Boise ranked 56! I drive around and I feel like people here in the Treasure Valley are busy bees. Out getting stuff done... The area is growing so there's lots of construction, developments growing super fast, just busy busy...

Number one on the list goes to Anchorage, Alaska. I've got to imagine that they're working their butts off out there. Not only do they work hard, but they do it in the cold. Maybe I watch too much Ice Road Truckers but I picture that as a tough place to live and work.

There's a lot of Virginia cities on the list and I attribute that to military/government work. Surprisingly though, the number two city on the list in San Francisco, CA! That's gotta be due to the extreme cost of living out there. You kinda have to have like 8 jobs to pay your rent or mortgage.

My hometown of Las Vegas ranked 90 on the list! Maybe I've been influenced by that cause I sure love naps. Check out the rest of the data for yourself here courtesy of Wallethub.



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