The Mediterranean diet is popular, especially with women like you and me who have discovered it's pretty healthy and tasty overall.

And this weekend at the Greek Food Festival, after a big fat Greek salad with olives and feta, we're saving room for the baklava.

Some of the Greek food featured this weekend at the 36th Greek Food Fest will include traditional Gyros with traditional gyro meat and veggies, with house-made Tzatziki in a pita.  Yum.  As hard as we try at home, the gyro is tough to replicate so we'll leave it to the experts.

What about the Pastitsio?  Heard of it?  It's Macaroni with cheese, beef & Bechemel sauce.  They'll be serving that up this weekend too.

And the Spanakopita, which is a spinach and feta cheese triangle wrapped in Philo Dough.

And they'll have stuffed grape leaves, called Dolmathes, with beef and herbs inside.

And desserts too, like baklava, kataifi, koulourakia and galatobouriko.  It's a range of custards, cakes, and pastries that are too labor intensive for us to attempt, so we'll be sure to eat extra to make sure they know how much we appreciate their efforts.

It's hard to get my mind off the food, but they will also have dancing lessons, and performances of some of the classic Greek dances that will make us want to run home and watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding for the eighth time.  They may even smash a plate, who knows.

The Greek Food Festival happens this weekend at Saints Constantine and Helen Green Orthodox Church in Boise.  That's 2816 Bannock Street.

The hours are 11am to 9pm Friday, June 2 and Saturday, June 3, with dance lessons and performances throughout the day.  And it's only $2 to get in, with kids 12 and under free.  Opa!

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