If there’s one thing McCall, ID is known for its beautiful winters full of snow. But, this year has been dry for almost everywhere in the state. Causing everyone to wonder - are we going to have a drought?

Usually, Idaho has received much more snowfall than it’s seeing now by this time of year.


One particularly crazy winter in the Treasure Valley was in 2017. I mean, take a look at these pictures!



Snowmageddon 2017

It was the winter that we'll never forget in the Treasure Valley -- scroll down to see these freezing cold photos


But, 2022 has been a different story. Many are speculating that we may be due for another dry winter. This means a drought could be ahead. But, a recent snowstorm in McCall may be changing the tune. 


Locals have posted about a massive snowfall today, February 22, 2022. This means the dread of a drought may be getting some relief!




Recent McCall Snow Storm:

As Drought Looms, McCall Snow Storm Could Be Answer

Gallery Credit: Hannah Shippen, Townsquare Media


McCall is known for its winters full of snowfall. Due to this, there is the McCall Winter Festival where artists can come and create ice sculptures for all to see!


Check out this years favorites:

McCall Winter Festival Ice Sculptures:

Sneak a Peak at McCall Winter Carnival's 19 Marvelous 2022 Snow Sculptures

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Can You Help Us Solve The Mystery Of These 15 McCall Winter Carnival Snow Sculptures?

Sometimes when you go to McCall Winter Carnival on the second weekend you realize that some of the snow sculptures had a tough week. But they're cool, so you take pictures of them anyway. Any chance you can help us piece together what these were?

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart


Fun in the snow for kids:

If Your Kids Miss The Snow, Visit These Treasure Valley Favorites

With the snow subsiding and finally melting around the Treasure Valley, there's a lot of kids who are going to miss it! We asked Idahoans where the best places are to take the kids if they're missing the snow.

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Snow Tubing Activities:

TOP 10 snow tubing hills in Idaho

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7 of Idaho's Most Epic Snow Tubing Adventures Ranked Shortest to Longest

If you measure a tubing hill's "epicness" by how long the run is, these are the best of the best in Idaho!

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Visit Idaho's Ice Palace For Some Winter Magic

If you are wanting some winter magic look no further than the famous Idaho Ice Palace! Located between Rexburg and Rigby Just off Hwy 20 (Exit 325). It is not just the glorious Palace either, other attractions include ice tunnels, an ice slide, a fire show as well as a fire dancer, live reindeer, Elsa and Olaf, food vendors, horse drawn sleigh rides, and tubing and sledding.

Gallery Credit: Nikki West


Got Those Winter Blues? 17 Ways to Ease Seasonal Depression

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