Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. As a good little Catholic girl I am supposed to make a sacrifice for the next 46 days. This year is going to be tough!

Trail Mix
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I have given up everything from chocolate to drinking for Lent. But this year is going to be a true sacrifice for me. See this bag of trail mix? I can finish off that bag in 4 days! That's when I realized I needed to step away from the trail mix. I only eat it when I am on the air. So between 5:30 and 10am I am snacking on my savory mix of peanuts, raisins, m&ms, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and pretzels.

It used to take me a week or two to finish off a bag and then two weeks ago I finished the entire bag 4 days after I bought it. 1lb of trail mix was wolfed down in 22 hours! That is when I knew it would be a true sacrifice to go without my morning crutch of trail mix. Pretzels are my afternoon snack at home so those made the list too. Then one of the girls said I need to give up ordering macaroni and cheese at restaurants. She is appalled that as an adult I order a kid's food at a restaurant. She has no idea what she is missing but I accepted her challenge and added it to my list of Lent sacrifices.

I have 3 girlfriends that are also Catholic and we will all be going to Ash Wednesday Mass tonight. We were talking about what we were going to give up for Lent and we started coming up with things certain celebrities should give up for the next 46 days. Justin Bieber should give up America. Go back to Canada Biebs. Katy Perry needs to continue giving up John Mayer. Kayne West needs to give up speaking. What do you think certain celebrities should give up for Lent?