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A Guy Got Busted at a DUI Checkpoint . . . Because His Parrot Told the Cops "He's Drunk!"

  Usually the worst thing a pet can do is poop on the floor or chew up your furniture or shoes..... Not many people can say their pet got them busted by the cops.

 49-year-old Guillermo Reyes was driving through Mexico City when he got stopped at a DUI checkpoint.  And while the cops were talking to him, they heard another voice in the car yell, "He's drunk, he's drunk!"

  So they shined a flashlight in thinking it was another passenger . . . and discovered it was actually a pet PARROT.

 And it turned out the bird knew what it was talking about.  Because Guillermo proceeded to fail a sobriety test, and the cops threw him in JAIL for drunk driving.    Animal control officials said they were worried the bird might DIE if the two were separated, explaining that the two have a very unique bond, so Guillermo was allowed to keep the bird with him while in jail. 


Birds of a feather go to jail together......drinking buddies to the end, Hell Yea…..