It's funny cause Angie is the vegan on the show, and yet I'm riddled with guilt over a bug after hearing someone say something to the effect of "imagine being killed just for existing in someone else's space".

It was originally in reference to the fact that we kill spiders for being in our house. I'm the bug killer in our house and I've always been happy to do it but when it was brought to my attention that a spider is just doing it's spider thing, it doesn't know it's in John Moug's house or that Moug's bathroom is a spot that it may die just for existing. In fact, Moug is the last thing on the spider's mind.

When we were at Indian Creek Plaza in Caldwell this past Tuesday night, we had just finished getting everything setup when Angie looked at me and said "OH MY GOD, THERE'S A GIANT BUG ON YOUR HEAD!" I tossed my hat off of my head and it went flying, but at the same time I heard this praying mantis smack the ground. I guess the fall was a bit jarring for the praying mantis. After that, the little guy tried hobbling away but was obviously hurt! I know what you're thinking, if by some miracle you're still reading this, it's just a bug, right? Yeah, I know this, but it's not a fly, it's not even a bee where I could say I was defending myself. This was a majestic little creature that just found a place to land with no intent on hurting anyone and I damaged the little guy.

He stuck around for a while, walking as best as he could and I imagine eventually he went into the bushes to either recover or die, likely the latter. I googled to find out whether or not praying mantis' felt any pain and it seems they do, just not in the same way we do. One of the most alarming things was that I got real close to take a picture of it with my phone and in the "live" version of the photo, you can actually see it turn its head to look at me. Man, did I feel like an a-hole in that moment.

Rest easy, little guy. Or thrive and live your best life, I guess I'll never know the outcome.

-Moug, the Mantis Murderer.

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