Seriously. What Makes A Bad Kisser?
A friend of mine got LEFT on a date because he was a bad kisser. After she was gone she sent a text saying that he was a bad kisser and that it was something very important to her.
23 vs 33: I Think I’m An Adult Now
The things I got excited about when I was 23 are so different than what I get excited about now... Case in point: I went out of my way to take a picture of this random front lawn to send to my best friend.
Boise is a Top Place for Work-Life Balance
Living in Boise means you've got pretty good odds of having an understanding boss who lets you leave work early to catch your son's baseball game or take your daughter to swim lessons. There are other ways too that the Treasure Valley proves it offers a good work-life balance.
An Uber Eats Alternative
Many of us were excited when Uber Eats added Boise to their cities they serve. Now, especially for Canyon County and the West Side, there is another option for food delivery.

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