I'm a die hard Denver Broncos fan. Mike is a die hard Seattle Seahawks fan. Each season we make a bet on whose team is going to do better. This year we are letting you decide what the payoff will be for the loser.

Mike vs Kate NFL Bet
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The Bet: The person whose team finishes furthest into the playoffs wins the bet. If both teams make it to the Big Game, the person whose team wins the Big Game, wins the bet. If neither team makes it to the playoffs, the person whose team finishes the regular season with the best overall record wins the bet.

The Payoff: We need you to help us figure out what the loser has to do. What is the consequence for losing this bet? Nothing permanent (no tattoos). We like to keep it focused on the winning team and colors.

Email your idea now to mikeandkate@mix106radio.com or call into tomorrow's show at 8:20am at #376-5106.

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