We're sick and tired of these trends and we want to see them go away this year! Check out the list and let us know if we missed anything.

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Let's all make a conscious effort to stop doing these things so they end once and for all this year!

1.    Wearing Pajamas out in public
2.    Duck Face
3.    The word Bae-Before Anyone Else
4.    Vaguebooking-posting things like, “I don’t want to talk about it” on Facebook
5.    Uggs with skirts or shorts
6.    Miley Cyrus close your legs! No more spread eagle.
7.    Leggings without a top long enough to cover your butt
8.    YOLO
9.    Selfies (Travel selfies are okay)
10.   Just say Americans –No more labeling “A white cop shot a black teen”
11.    Bringing your pet into the grocery store
12.    Driving with your pet on your lap
13.    Square eyebrows
14.    Ridiculously long eyelashes. Just make them look natural
15.    Showing Tattoos when you don't have the body to show it off
16.    Women with side shaves on their head
17.    Don’t say the word Hashtag #NOMORE
18.    Kardashians and Jenners
19.    Wearing your hair in a bun right in the middle of your head (Guilty of this on an early mornings)
20.    Women not wearing bras in public
21.    Skinny Jeans on men
22.    Dogs in your lap while driving
23.    Dogs in the grocery store unless it’s a service dog
24.    Pointed finger nails
25.    Stop saying "Right" or "Like" (I’m so guilty of this and looking for a 12 step program to stop!)
26.    Grown women wearing patterned leggings (Guilty of this as I type this)

This was comprised from phone calls, emails and Facebook posts we received. If we missed anything please add it to the comment section below. We will check out how we did in December.

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