Tired of knowing your spouse just had a 6-inch sub for lunch, and that he likes his friend John's Youtube videos that show people falling down?  It might be time to unfriend him.

One expert told the Today Show that when he unfriended his wife on Facebook, his marriage improved.  He was tired of knowing she was exhausted and just had her third coffee for the day, and wanted more unpredictability.  Generally, he says he wanted less information about what his wife was up to so that some element of mystery would remain.  And it worked for them.

Here's the thing.  Unfriending your spouse would probably mean you're totally confident and trusting in the relationship, and there would be no need to snoop.  Ever.  Because if you unfriend now and then send a friend request later, it screams, "just wanting to check up on ya!"  Proceed with caution.

The ways that technology can impact a relationship are endless!  Let's talk about it on Facebook.  Are you friends with your spouse?  Are you cool with the way devices have been integrated into your lives?  Are you both on the phone at the dinner table or before bed?  Do tell.

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