Dear Mike and Nicole,

I have been married to my husband for 10 years and we separated four months ago. Two months into our separation, he started dating a woman and for the first three weeks of their relationship he didn't have any contact with our child. At one point, he even told our daughter he couldn't see her because he was seeing someone new.

Well, now that they've been dating for two months, his girlfriend wants to meet our daughter and thinks I'm being too protective over her.

I can't help but wonder, since we're not legally separated, is it ok that he started dating? Especially so soon?

Is it also normal that in such a short time, this woman already wants to meet our daughter?

I feel like they should be dating for longer before we introduce our young daughter to a potential step-mom. To me, I'd hope that we'd at least be in the divorce process before he starts dating, and that they'd want at least a year before introducing this woman to our daughter.

Am I wrong? What can I do?

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