Two massive security flaws have been discovered that affect nearly every personal device in the world, smartphones, laptops, even servers used by big companies like Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft.

They're actually called Spectre and Meltdown. It sounds like a James Bond movie, doesn't it? Meltdown affects pretty much every chip made by Intel since the mid-90s. Both of then open the door for hackers to access anything stored in your device's memory. Personal information like passwords, credit card details, emails, photos, etc.

The frustrating part is that researchers and tech companies have known for months. They've been trying to come up with a fix before making it public. But the news was leaked and it doesn't sound good.

There's no fix for Spectre right now. For Meltdown, update your software, but it may cause your system to run about 30% slower. Slow downloads are already frustrating enough, adding security issues on top of that...definitely not good.

To find out more about the security flaws and what it means for your devices, click HERE.

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