This is kinda funny... I don't know that it's a "challenge" as much as it's a prank that a lot of women are pulling on their men, that's hilarious, and easy to pull off.

Particularly if you have a boyfriend or husband who is kind of a "manly man", likes to look tough type, this could be a lot of fun. Here's what you do... Head to Starbucks and ask him to order some ridiculously effeminate, that also doesn't exist, like, for example, the "pinkity drinkity"!

To be honest, I think anyone; manly man or not would feel silly ordering the "Pinkity Drinkity", and it's probably annoying for the barista on the other side but can make for a funny video.

So if you're bored this weekend and plan on stopping by a Starbuck's here in the Treasure Valley, please try this and tag @mix106 and @johnMOUG on Instagram. I'd very much appreciate it.

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