The City Of Eagle is putting on "The Glow On The Greenbelt Fun Run", but you have to register by this Sunday!

This looks like such a fun event... The City Of Eagle's "Glow On The Greenbelt Fun Run", happening Saturday, April 24th at Merrill Park in Eagle. According to the City Of Eagle's website, they are inviting you to, "Show your glow!  This event provides an opportunity for our community to come together, have fun, and squeeze in a little exercise along the beautiful Boise River greenbelt in Eagle.  We encourage everyone attending to dress in your best glow gear.  We'll have black lights, a DJ, music, food and drink to make your experience great."

Since this is a glow event, it's obviously going to be taking place in the evening. There's going to be vendors, food trucks, the works! This is a great opportunity to get out and make some friends, meet some people, pretend 2020 didn't happen. Check-in goes from 7:30-8:15 and then the walk (or run) begins at 8:30. There will be a photographer on hand making sure the event is sufficiently photographed (so you can get some nice ones for Facebook and Instagram, let's be honest), and you're gonna get to glow, so why not? Here's the race map, courtesy of the City Of Eagle's website:

It's Spring Time in the Treasure Valley, the weather is going to be great, may as well get out and enjoy it in a cool, active way. Don't forget, registration ends this Sunday, the 18th!

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