Last week, Boise Parks and Recreation closed Logger's Creek Bridge on the Boise River Greenbelt. This action, taken 'out of an abundance of caution' as stated in their Facebook post on May 7th, has sparked a shared concern among us all about the safety of the other pedestrian bridges along one of the city's most famous features.

The ribbon next to the Boise River is more than just a recreational asset. It's a vital part of our social and cultural fabric. It connects neighborhoods, parks, and even businesses. It is at the top of the list of things the City of Boise does best. It is busy with bicycle traffic, runners, and families taking a leisurely walk. The Logger's Creek Bridge is one of many bridges that connect the Greenbelt.

The closure raises some questions: Are the other pedestrian bridges along the Greenbelt safe? Has the infrastructure of the Greenbelt bridges been maintained? How often are these bridges being inspected by actual structural engineers?

We love that Boise Parks and Recreation took quick action. Still, it also highlights the need for more proactive measures and transparent communication about the safety of the Greenbelt's infrastructure. Once they reopen Logger's Creek Bridge, the next step should be to check on the integrity of the rest of the Greenbelt's bridges.

We all remember the sudden collapse of the I-35 Bridge in Minneapolis with vehicle traffic on it. While the impact of a bridge on the Greenbelt isn't the same, the lesson is that bridges need to be inspected regularly, and improvements need to be made. The price of procrastination isn't just money; it's safety for the entire community.

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