I can't believe this. I love this restaurant but there is some news coming out today that the Boise Shack could close its doors. NOOOOOOO

So this is the deal, according to Bloomberg.com Joe's Crab Shack are preparing to file for bankruptcy and soon could be closing the doors of their restaurants across the country and the only location here in Garden City.

Owned by Ignite Resturant Group have been exploring options on what to do with the business around the country as they have not seen a profitable last few years. Revenue has fallen by 6.8 % that is a huge drop and puts the company 121 million dollars in debt. YIKES.

So what does that mean for crab lovers in the Treasure Valley? The store will remain open during the filings so no worries you can still get those Hurricanes, Crab Buckets, and Fish and Chips while enjoying the normally beautiful scenery close to the Boise River.

Joe's Crab Shack, founded in 1991 and is owned by the same group that owns Outback Steakhouse, Brick House Taverns, and formally owned the Macaronii Grill.  I loved this place, getting a lil bit of the coastal south right here in the Treasure Valley. Nicole and I lived in Charleston for almost 10 years and getting food like this was the norm,  from the ocean waters to the plate and we loooooved it. This place get's it right I hope that they don't go away anytime soon. #SaveTheCrabShack - JD

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