I'm grabbing a freak fast Jimmy John's before the show and one of our Sales Associates said, "Oh crap! Another closure. There goes my holiday cookie cutters. I'm sending my husband over to grab some stuff now."

That's when I feel out of my chair trying to hear more. It looks like the announcement surfaced in July and has been confirmed recently with more details. Sur La Table located in the Village at Meridian is closing.

The popular cooking and kitchenware storefront filed for bankruptcy back in July. It's not just Meridian that is losing. Sur La Table is closing over 50 stores and Meridian just happened to be one of them. If you were planning on taking those cooking classes you probably missed out.

This sale process will result in a revitalized Sur La Tabe, positioned to thrive in a post-COVID-19 retail environment.

That comes from the CEO of Sur La Table, Jason Goldberger. While this does suck you might be able to take advantage of the store closing. My friend mentioned a liquidation happening right now and that means sales. This place is always packed and I'm sure the fans probably know about the sale. I'm not sure how long the sale will last but it's going on now.

If you want something from a very upscale cookware spot you might think of stopping through this weekend. Just looking out!


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