Have you added up how much you spend on costumes and candy?  The National Retail Federation says those things plus the decorations and pumpkins to carve, add up to $77.52 per person.  That's plenty, but if you have kids doesn't that actually seem a little low?  Those cute Elsa and Anna costumes ain't cheap, and then if you add your own adult Game of Thrones costume and a pumpkin costume for the dog, and you might be over a hundred bucks.

It's sort of mind-blowing that all together we'll spend $7.2 billion on Halloween.  No wonder they start selling the black an orange goodies in August!  Just $2.8 billion of that total is spent on costumes.  The rest is on candy and decorations.  That co-worker who's busy stringing up cob webs and blinking pumpkin heads on his cubicle is part of a huge Halloween movement that gets bigger every year it seems.  And thanks for that bowl of Nerds on your desk.  Yum.

My kids aren't fans of chocolate, so I totally score on Halloween night.  I get a huge bag of Snickers and Kisses, and they get the leftover Smarties and Laffy Taffy.  Trick-or-Treating is fun for the kids, and it brings home a great haul for Twix-craving parents too.

Two weeks left until Halloween, and then all of the costumes and candy will be on sale. Anyone want to trick-or-treat on November 1st?