My Halloween Decorations Won't Win Any Contest
Good luck today with your office cubicle decorating contest.  You are rockin' those cob webs.
I have failed my children with my lack of Halloween decorations, so my 6-year old decided to take matters into her own hands and make something festive on her own.  And then the sprinkler syst…
I'm Not The Grinch Anymore
OK, time to come clean.  I'm not as big a Grinch as it seems I made people believe.  I admit it, I'm really loving the decorations and I am in the Christmas mood.
Ideas for Christmas Lights
When it comes to decorating your house for Christmas do you go all out with as many lights and inflatables as possible or do you keep it simple? Here are 15 homes that will give you some fun ideas.
How Early Is Too Early To Put Up The Tree?
I'm one of those people, who starts getting Christmas gifts and decorations early, and could be the reason that the stores start playing Christmas music in October.  Sorry!  I love the holiday season and want to squeeze every day out of it that I can.
When do you put up the tree?
The Average Person Spends $77 on Halloween
Have you added up how much you spend on costumes and candy?  The National Retail Federation says those things plus the decorations and pumpkins to carve, add up to $77.52 per person.  That's plenty, but if you have kids doesn't that actually seem a little low?