Over the weekend Savannah and I worked on getting the rest of our Christmas decorations out including getting our Christmas tree up. We seem to forget each year how much work it takes to get all the decorations out and spread cheer throughout the house.

While I would love to take credit for the tree, Savannah did most of the work. We turned on some Christmas music and spent a few hours making sure the ornaments had hooks then spreading things out on the tree but trying not to put too many of one thing in a certain area. This is something I mess up on a lot, Savannah often has to move ornaments I place on the tree so it doesn't look goofy.

It was a fun day staying warm inside celebrating the season while it was cold outside. Something is just magical about this time of year, you can't look at a decorated Christmas tree without a smile on your face. Just remember to slow down and take time to enjoy this time of year.

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