When it comes to decorating your house for Christmas do you go all out with as many lights and inflatables as possible or do you keep it simple? Here are 15 homes that will give you some fun ideas.


When it comes to decorating Skid Row, I love as many lights as possible! But  they have to all be the same type of lights. No mixing and matching. If I go with white lights, everything has to be white. If I use colored lights, the whole place is colored lights. If I could decorate my 67 foot tall Pine Tree from top to bottom with lights like the Capitol tree, I would! But that's a lot of lights and I'm pretty short. I'm totally against inflatables (no offense if you have them). They're just not my thing. Yard ornaments I use sparingly. I have to have a wreath on my door. I just never want it to look tacky. I go for the classy look. Yup, I live on Skid Row and this is the only time of year that I can attempt to pull off classy. Check out these 15 houses and get inspired! We'd love to see your house once you have it decorated. Post the photo and #Mix106Christmas