OK, time to come clean.  I'm not as big a Grinch as it seems I made people believe.  I admit it, I'm really loving the decorations and I am in the Christmas mood. 

When I shared my resistance for Christmas coming too early - that would be pre-Thanksgiving by the way - it seems I made people think I don't enjoy the trappings of Christmas.  That's not the case.

I really love the way things feel this time of year.  With the exception of the rush and trampling stories on Black Friday, I think the Christmas season mostly brings out the best in people.  Giving, caring, hope, and peace are all at the top of our minds.  There's nothing bad about that at all.

Jeff's finished living room.

I have never been a great decorator, I did the outside lights, and my former wife did the design and most execution of our inside look.  I was dreading the decorating this year, but as I woke up early a couple days ago and switched the lights on, it just made me feel the joy.

We decorated the Mix studio today, and that even made me feel even more joy.  There's something about the lights and seasonal stuff that just makes you feel different.

So I want to know and see what your favorite decorations are.  Maybe it's your house, your office, or just a place in the Treasure Valley that makes you feel the joy.  Where are they?  Share your pics, I'd love to see what you've done.


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