Join us in the comments section on the Mix 106 Facebook page, or reach out through the DM feature on the Mix mobile app to share your favorite Treasure Valley Halloween decorations of the season, thus far!

I spotted these upside down witch legs, amongst many others in a planter at The Village today. In addition to that, I have a neighbor in Meridian who already has an amazing Halloween getup in front of his house with massive pumpkins, skeletons and the works.

Where in the Treasure Valley have you seen any awesome Halloween decorations? The biggest decoration of the year is the giant twelve foot skeleton that Home Depot has had for sale. I kind of want one but I can't seem to justify spending three hundred dollars on a Halloween decoration that has the risk of being stolen right out of my front yard. Not exactly a risk/reward situation I particularly want to be involved in.

I do, however, enjoy seeing other people's decorations so feel free to share some pictures or videos. Has anyone been down Harrison Boulevard yet this year? Are they all setup with Halloween decorations? I should have driven over there before writing this article, honestly. I suppose I'll do another one that's exclusively Harrison Boulevard centric in the coming days. Why not, right?

But awesome Halloween decorations should not be relegated to Harrison Boulevard alone? What about your neighborhood in Boise? Meridian? Eagle, Kuna, Nampa? Caldwell? I want to see what you've got in your hood!

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