After that story earlier this week about high grocery bills, we're on the hunt for cheap eats!  And there are several Treasure Valley restaurants that have some.

It's not easy to eat for under ten bucks at a restaurant, but there are several places around the Treasure Valley that have cheap eats and don't stress our debit cards too much.

Cheap doesn't have to be bland or boring, and we have a hunch that you'll probably be able to add to the list of the best places to find good food without breaking the bank.

1.  Boise Fry Company.  Maybe the prices are the biggest reason that we love Boise Fry Company so much.  That, and fact that they use so many different spuds, from Gold to Russet to Sweet to Purple.  It's fresh and it hits the spot.  The beef burgers start at $5.69 and the Vegan burgers are $6.49.  And there's the quinoa side salad for only $3.

2.  Chic-Fil-A.  The basic chicken sandwich is $3.05 and the deluxe is $3.65 at the location at 300 South Broadway in Boise.  And the 3-piece chicken strips are only $3.35.  You could triple that and still get out of there for around ten bucks, and grab a drink from the fridge when you get home.  Otherwise, a small drink is $1.35, which still isn't bad.

3.  Wendy's.  The 1/4 pound cheeseburger is $4.19 and the 1/2 pound double cheeseburger is $5.19 at 65 Eagle River Street in Eagle.  Even if you're feeling like a big splurge, it's not going to set you back that much.  The Baconator combo is only $8.09. That's cheaper than we can probably make it at home.

4.  IHOP.  You know at IHOP you're going to get a ton of food for the price, and the coffee is pretty cheap too.  Most omlettes are around $9, and it's about $8 for a biscuit and gravy combo.  Or you can get three eggs and pancakes for about $7.  We're spending under ten bucks, and because the portions are so big we'll probably be full all day.  That keeps us from spending more money on food later too.

5.  Home.  It's' not always cheaper to eat at home, but it can be.  A good portion of what we spend at restaurants comes from appetizers and drinks, and we might be better able to avoid those extras if we eat at our own kitchen tables.  If we spend $4 on a 12-pack of Diet Pepsi, that works out to about 33 cents per can.  That's cheaper than a fountain drink at a restaurant for sure.

If saving money at lunch this week is the goal, the Treasure Valley is full of places that can help us do it.  Another good trick is to buy restaurant gift cards in bulk, and sometimes with rewards points attached.  We're spending more up front, but saving over time.

What would you add to the list?  Guido's Original New York, Tin Roof Tacos, and Fanci Freez Burgers and Shakes are some spots that are usually reasonable.  If you have others to add, let us know.

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