It's been the craziest three months many of us have seen in our lifetime, but what will the world look like after COVID-19. How will the effect on our economy directly effect our wallets. These are items that most likely be cheaper and the items that will be more expensive when the coronavirus subsides. 

Here's what we can expect to be cheaper. Thanks to for giving us the inside scoop!

1. Plane tickets. This isn't a tough one to figure out, but I like it! A lot of people will be leery of flying for a long time, so it should be cheaper to travel if you dare!

2. Hotel rooms. Goes along with the plane tickets. Everyone is going to be a little nervous to stay in someone else's bed until this virus is long gone.

3. Groceries. Although the price of meat is spiking right now, after the pandemic the supply will supposedly increase, but the demand will remain the same.

4. Clothing. Yes to this! Retail stores want to get people back in their shops, so they'll lower the prices to grab your attention.

5. Diamonds. Thinking of proposing? Diamonds have hit their lowest price since 2009! We have some great local jewelers that you can help you pick out that perfect ring.

6. Housing. We haven't seen the housing market take a downturn in Boise yet, but they are predicting it will happen.

As for what will be more Expensive...

1. Tickets to Events. The prediction is everyone will be so desperate to go to a concert or sporting event again that we'll pay anything to go. Plus, the entertainment industry has lost so much that they'll have to make up for lost time.

2. Electronics. 

3. Beauty Products. While the industry has been hit hard the demand is still there, so they'll probably jack up the prices.

4. Meat. The meat industry has been one of the hardest hit by COVID-19. As a result, we may be paying up to 20% more.

5. Fitness Equipment. With gyms closed during the pandemic, many are getting more and more into working from home.

6. Home Office Equipment. With more people working from home, the demand is certainly there, so the prices will likely rise.

7. Furniture. With more time spent at home, people want their place to look good, so the demand for furniture is definitely in place.

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