Items That Will Be Cheaper and More Expensive After the Pandemic
It's been the craziest three months many of us have seen in our lifetime, but what will the world look like after COVID-19. How will the effect on our economy directly effect our wallets. These are items that most likely be cheaper and the items that will be more expensive when the coronavirus …
I Splurged On Something
I guess this proves that I'm #adulting, but I splurged on something just for me this weekend.  I didn't realize how much I would LOVE my new sheets.
Cheapest Gas in Boise
I filled up my car Sunday and was VERY excited to find $.98 per gallon was what I was paying.  Now granted, I had Fred Meyer Rewards points, but the starting price was great.
I'm Living On The Edge
This was the scene on my dashboard as I drove home last night.  What started with 10 miles until empty moved to this, all because I'm cheap.