This is good news for just about everyone in the state of Idaho as AAA officials are saying that Idaho gas prices are continuing to drop even with the national average going up. The details first reported by KIVI indicate that Idaho is now ten cents cheaper than the national average.

Since the beginning of 2019 the national average has increased thirteen cents and here in Idaho our prices have dropped twenty-eight cents. While it's being called an unusual trend we should all be enjoying this information.

The national U.S. average is $2.39 per gallon, twelve cents higher than just one month ago, but twelve cents lower than one year ago.

Neighboring states like Oregon is at $2.74 per gallon, Nevada at $2.84, and Washington at $2.86. The current average in Idaho is still just $2.29 per gallon. Although don't expect these prices to stick around for too much longer as the summertime demand on fuel prices will cause an increase, just like always.

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