Hear me out on this... We all want to stand out, but we all can't afford the flashiest car. But how about grabbing attention with Boise's ugliest car, the Magic Carpet Corolla?

Eventually, this will certainly end up being an item on our game, Treasure Valley KSL Classifieds price is right on Moug & Angie mornings and if you're seeing this article, you might be able to grab yourself a quick $150, then you'd just needs $600 more dollars and you would be able to buy this ridiculous, carpet covered car. I hope the person selling it doesn't think I'm dissing it by any means, because I'm actually so enamored by this. If I had an extra $750 I would scoop this up for myself, or my fiancé. She's been wanting a BMW so bad but that's still a little out of our reach.

It's a 1998 Toyota Corolla wrapped in carpet instead of paint. Not sure if it's a fire hazard but here's what the ad reads:

Yes it’s wrapped in carpet. Yes this is real. Yes it can be yours. It runs smooth and literally everything works. A/c. Check. Heat. Check. Motor... the best! DM me if you have an offer and want to buy. Located in Boise Idaho. 1998. Auto. 257k miles. If post is up, it’s still available. 👊

This is my favorite post this year, and I hope he finds a buyer, and I hope to see the Magic Carpet Corolla cruisin' Fairview asap. Somebody BUY THIS CAR! And if you're looking for a Christmas gift for me, now you know what to get! (Disclaimer: Cute dog does not come with car)

Matt Alexander/Facebook
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