I've tried Deep fried, roasted, smoked and grilled turkey..and last year I did something different..and in addition to a moister, better tasting bird I didn't spend 4 hours cooking it. I roasted my bird last year by doing something called Spatchcocking and my 14 lb. turkey was done to perfection in 65 minutes...yes one hour and 5 minutes.

Spatchcocking is not new and it's not something that you caught your teenage son doing doing alone in the basement.

Spatchcocking is an amazing way that you can have a better tasting, more tender turkey with the added benefit of being able to cook it to perfection in a super short time. So now you don't have to get up at 5 a.m. to have your meal prepared by 2 in the afternoon.

Take it from my personal experience it will be one of the best tasting turkey's you or your spouse have ever made for you holiday meal. The proof is how much the Kasper family loved the turkey. The left overs were great too.

Check out the video above for all the instructions on how to spatchcock your turkey or if you'd like to grill your turkey, check out the instructions below



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