I thought I would post one more time about my participation in Bowl For Kids Sake.  It took place yesterday at Big Al's in Meridian.  It's a fundraiser for Big Brothers and Sisters.  I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to the Mix 106 listeners who donated to my team and helped us to reach our goal of $1000.  Plus a huge thanks to everybody who donated because you are going to make a huge difference in 80 at risk kids' lives.

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We chose our team goal of $1000 because it takes about that much to help one at risk child to find a big brother or sister.  To become a "Big" you have to go through extensive background checks to make sure you are a good match for your "Little".  This year's Bowl for Kids Sake doubled last years take, bringing in just over $80,000.  Which as I said is enough to get 80 at risk kids match to a big brother or sister.

As for the actual bowling part, we pretty much sucked, and I sucked out loud.  I bowled a strike in the first frame of my first game then it was down hill from there.  I scored 89 in the first game, which is really good when you consider that I had 7 gutter balls. (Damn Shoes)  The 2nd game was a little better at 128, and the third game I was absolutely on fire.  I started with a strike, then a spare, then an open frame with 3 pins left standing, then 2 strikes in a row and a spare (Damn, almost a Turkey).  So through 6 frames I was on pace to score over 200. Then they tuned off the alley so they could get ready for the next group of bowlers.  NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I couldn't finish so it doesn't count in bragging rights against Kate, who scored a 135 the last time she bowled.  How could the Bowling Gods be so cruel?  That is why I hate bowling, and why I am giving it up for lent again this year.

Oh well, at least the kids made out.   Thank you again from the heart of my bottom.