Not everyone wants to go get drunk for their birthday. I mean, I definitely do. But I still think I’m in my twenties despite my body yelling at me that I’m in my thirties. But there are a lot of options for celebratory fun in Boise and surrounding cities, according to you!

We asked listeners to give us non-bar options for birthday fun, and here’s what they came up with:

Ax Throwing: Section 37 seems to be the favorite, along with the suggestion that you “need the right people.” Maybe don’t invite your short tempered, overly competitive friends, just to be safe.

Bowling: Big Al’s is where it’s at for pin pummeling action.

Rage Room: “Have a smashing good time” at Hammer Time Idaho in Nampa. A big ol’ room where you smash the crap out of things with a sledge hammer. Great way to take out the rage you feel at getting another year older. I mean, better than the alternative. But the joint pain and sudden craving for Werther’s Original can depress anyone.

Karaoke: Never underestimate the joy in singing a power ballad off key in front of friends and strangers. Voicebox in downtown Boise is good for a private session with friends and while you can get drinks, it’s not the whole bar vibe.

Escape Room: Make your friends use their brains for once in celebration of your grand entrance into the world. Treasure Valley Escape Rooms has a Doctor Fear theme perfect for the upcoming spooky season and a very Idaho gem themed room as well.

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