Just a week and a half left in the most boring month of the year and then Valentine's Day will be here before you know it! Seemingly unpopular opinion these days, but I think Valentine's Day is such a lovely holiday and every year I die on this hill. Haters say it's a commercial holiday just to sell cards and partners should be showing love year round. "You shouldn't need a holiday to tell you to show someone you love them." But that logic can be applied to any holiday. For example, you should love your mom year round, not just on Mother's Day. You shouldn't need a holiday to tell you to appreciate your mom. Never one to let someone yuck my yum, I'm looking forward to celebrating the holiday.

Talon Tap & Spirits wants to aid in that endeavor with a Valentine's martini class. The virtual event will be held on February 5th at 6pm. Bartenders, including bar manger Kris, will teach you how to make delicious martinis at home featuring Old Boise Spirits. You can make it a date night or learn by yourself to surprise your partner on Valentine's day with your excellent martini making skills. To register, just call Albertsons Market Street (605-3752 X1237) or Albertsons on Broadway (336-5278)

. It's just $30 for instruction and ingredients. Last date to register is February 4th.

Honestly, even if you hate Valentine's Day, this is still a cool class. Martinis aren't holiday specific. You can learn how to make them and drink them for any occasion. Your birthday, an anniversary, St. Patrick's Day, divorce, Tuesday afternoon, a promotion, your crush texted you back--whatever you want!



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