Well, that's a wrap. The Presidential Inauguration says goodbye to one president while bringing in the next. It's funny how so many thoughts might be going through your mind right now. You keep those to yourself!

You could say Lady Gaga did an amazing job fist-pumping the National Anthem and Jennifer Lopez was amazing. The real star was our very own TikTok viewing, cranberry drinking, and Snoop Dog video cameo player Doggface208.

There was a long list of events that started early this morning with former President Trump leaving the White House to the 46th President, Joe Biden entering. That was followed by jaw-dropping performances by Lady Gaga and just a long set of events that ran through the night. We saw every state represented by dance teams, mascots, to the very best essential workers.

Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter

Idaho was represented by some farmers holding up potatoes. We didn't see some statue of liberty play on the blue holding up an American flag. Not this state. We put arguably the most famous person on a skateboard in front of the world holding that flag, Nathan Apodaca. Do you blame them?

That dude went from some followers to 6.4 million fans and all by making us smile.  This guy somehow captivated our clicks during a national pandemic that we must have needed. Doggface208 was just in the Inaugural Parade Across America. That's what it's about.

I can pretty guarantee if Fleetwood Mac goes back on a tour that our Idahoan friend will end up on stage somehow. I heard he's in Walmart commercials now. Check out the quick Idaho cameo below.

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