TikTok star, Nathan Apodaca became a viral sensation when he decided to skateboard down a highway drinking cranberry juice and lip syncing to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams." The video not only made "Doggface" a household name, but earned him quite a bit of money in endorsement deals and sales of his own line of merchandise. Quite a change in lifestyle for a man who had been living out of an RV trailer in his brother's yard at one point.

The Idaho Falls native hasn't kept his success to himself. Before the overnight fame, before the RV trailer, Apodaca was actually homeless; an experience he won't soon forget just because he has Fleetwood Mac on speed dial (maybe). Earlier this year he put his "iconic" trailer up for rent with proceeds going to charitable organizations to help the homeless, including City of Refuge.

With 6.7 million followers on tiktok, the endearing Doggface isn't going away any time soon, which is a good thing now that he'll have another more mouth to feed. He and his wife are expecting their first child together! Apodaca told PEOPLE regarding the expansion of his family, "An addition right now is something that will help bring our family closer together and everything. It's awesome. I like it. I love it." He has two daughters from a previous relationship and his current wife also has a child from a previous relationship.

So now the question remains: If he's Doggface, then will the baby be Puppyface? Or should I have kept that corny joke to myself? Either way, congrats to the expecting couple. I hope Stevie Nicks is named godmother.

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