Nicole Texts Her Mom with a Prank She Saw on Facebook
You've probably seen those silly Facebook posts floating around that tell you to "post the third photo from your camera roll in the comments" or "match your birth month and day with the words and post your new nickname".
Well, the latest one I came across yesterday said "text…
Dad Gets a Smartphone and Learns to Text
My mom got my dad an iPhone for Father's Day, and my first text from Dad arrived Monday.
He needed a day or so to figure out how to text on this "newfangled thing," but once he figured it out he didn't mess around with just words.  He sent me a pic!  Of my grandma's 1980-something Buick.  A…
Need to Boost Your Library Of Emoticons? Here!
Do you ever feel like you're not using your full emoticon potential?  I do.
To emote in text and email, I usually default to the quick and easy ones like these:
Everyone else seems so much better at cyber emoting!  So I decided to do a little research to get better with the cy…
Do We Need a Relationship App?
Sometimes I wonder if we should stop inventing things.  Do we really need an app that will take the work out of relationships, and automatically send sweet texts to a sig other?