Let's say you meant to reply to a guy you're dating, and you sent the text to a co-worker accidentally.

Whoops!  There are no text do-overs, unfortunately!

I had just talked to the guy that I'm dating on the phone, and then he followed up with a nice text.

I realized I hadn't replied to him when my co-worker, Amber, wrote back with, "??"

Haha!  Text faux pas!

This guy and I have only had a few dates so we're just getting to know each other.  A few minutes after our phone chat, he texted, "I really like talking to you, I look forward to that every day."  And then a smiley emjoi.  Awwwww!!!  That was sweet.

So I followed that with, "I like it too.  You're easy to talk to."

Amber and I had been chatting earlier in the day and their names were right next to each other, and I clicked the wrong one, dang it!   I was trying to eat and text one-handed.  Don't ever do that.  It's too dangerous.

It could have been worse, right?  At least I didn't send her a wink and a kiss, or those devil horns.

Tell us about a text mistake you've made.  I'd love to know I'm not alone.


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