Do you ever feel like you're not using your full emoticon potential?  I do.

To emote in text and email, I usually default to the quick and easy ones like these:





Everyone else seems so much better at cyber emoting!  So I decided to do a little research to get better with the cyber winks, and I decided to share what I found.  You may be all over these already.

I have an Android phone, and here's what I found to work on my phone:

:-$  (Puts dollar signs for eye balls.  Be sure of the message you're sending with that one!)

:O (Jack-o-lantern eyes that look sort of devilish)

<3 (Puts hearts for eyeballs and one of them is bigger so it looks like you're winking)

B-)  (Looks like you're cool and have shades on)

:-* (Lips puckered like a big fat kiss)

:-P (Sticking your tongue out)

=-O (Mouth wide open)

If all else fails, we can go to the App stores and look around for emoticon help for our keyboards, and then the cute smileys and winks are right there at the ready.  Search the Play Store for Messaging, and quite a bit will pop up.

Have a great weekend!  ;-)



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