Cell phone numbers are a private thing right?

Have you ever gotten ticked off at someone who gave yours out without permission?  Iggy Azalea has, and in fact it happened over the Grammy weekend.  Iggy tweeted that she ordered a cheese pizza Friday night from Papa Johns, and then she got a text later on in the weekend that said, "Hello is this Iggy Azalea my brother had delivered something from Papa John’s to you and he gave me the number on Friday night i am your number one fan call me back please.”

No punctuation is aggravating enough, and then add in the fact that it came from someone who got the number in an unscrupulous way, and that had to be doubly bothersome for Iggy.  The texter also said later, “Is this u please answer u r my idol.”  We're pretty sure u r not getting a reply.

Papa Johns apologized later on, and said customer service and employee privacy are important to them.

Iggy got past all the pizza drama and ended her weekend with a fun, crazy-haired night at the Grammys.  This week we bet she gets her number changed.

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