My mom got my dad an iPhone for Father's Day, and my first text from Dad arrived Monday.

He needed a day or so to figure out how to text on this "newfangled thing," but once he figured it out he didn't mess around with just words.  He sent me a pic!  Of my grandma's 1980-something Buick.  And he didn't say a word about it, just the pic.

This is going to be a wild texting adventure with Pop.

I LOVE my dad!  I think I've mentioned this before.  He's the most honest, ethical, hard-working guy I've ever known, and he's lived in the same town of 700 people in Nebraska his entire life.  He's simple, kind, and awesome.

Before the "newfangled iPhone" he had that kind of old phone that made him hit the number three times in order to text the letter "C."  Remember those things?  We all rebelled and phones got smarter, and now Dad has gotten high tech too.

After the Buick pic and my reply complementing him on the texting success, he said, "Old dog new trick."

I did get one incomplete sentence and then an "oops I hit the wrong button" text, but for the most part Pop has got this texting thing down and it's going to be smooth sailin' I think.

Today is Pop's 60-something birthday, and he just keeps on learning and accepting new things.  Another reason I love my dad!

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