Yoga Behind Bars
A local yoga studio is offering practice to inmates in the Treasure Valley behind bars.
Build Your Own Retro-Gaming Console at JUMP
Remember the days of Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64? Oh heck yeah and even the old Atari games? If you love the throwback games and have always wanted to learn how to maybe build one of your own, then this event at JUMP is for you!
Party Like An Euskal
If you've ever had the privilege to attend an event at the Basque Block, you know what kind of party that is. It's a bit of history with a splash of dance, and a crazy big dose of culture and swagger. In a good way. This weekend the San Inazio Festival is back at the Basque Block and it&ap…
The Construction On Cole & Fairview Not Finished Just Yet
Traffic around the Treasure Valley can be a pain. If you've been near the construction zone, or the no-go zone as well like to call it in our family near Cole and Fairview things aren't looking promising for at least the next few months. Here is what's up.
Police Investigate Flag Burning
The Treasure Valley is getting some national attention as reports of a Pride flag burning are starting to surface. Boise usually is the top of the list for so many positive things, so when this news broke it's really sad. So what in the world happened?
Go Outside And Play In Boise
Being adults, there are a lot of things we don’t get that we used to have growing up: 3 months of summer vacation, a full week at Spring break and, of course, 3 weeks off during Christmas. We also don’t have our moms telling us to go outside and play...