Being adults, there are a lot of things we don’t get that we used to have growing up: 3 months of summer vacation, a full week at Spring break and, of course, 3 weeks off during Christmas. We also don’t have our moms telling us to go outside and play. So – pretend I’m your mom right now – go outside and PLAY!!! During Heart Month, we’re giving you lots of great tips about getting AND KEEPING—a healthy heart from the experts at St. Luke’s. My personal favorite is pretty simple -- go outside.

Five children (7-12) playing with plastic hoops in park
Bec Parsons

Yep – being outside can help your heart AND body. According to St. Luke’s, studies show some pretty amazing facts about being outside:
Walking outside can improve memory and attention span by 20%
Being out in nature can ease your tension and stress dramatically
AND – when you exercise in the beautiful Idaho outdoors – you actually will exercise LONGER than if you were exercising inside. Even more heart health benefits!

Man riding mountain bike

All good “heart” reasons to spend a little time outside. Now – listen to your mother – this Heart month go outside and play! Find some snow and make a snowman with the kids, go skiing or snowshoeing, discover the amazing trails in the Boise foothills, talk a walk on Boise’s Greenbelt! Let’s play!

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