The Treasure Valley is getting some national attention as reports of a Pride flag burning are starting to surface. Boise usually is the top of the list for so many positive things, so when this news broke it's really sad. So what in the world happened? 

Rainbow Flag

June is known as National LGBT Pride Month and events all around the country celebrate diversity and acceptance. The Boise Pride Festival and Pride Parade has been a shining spotlight in the City of Trees as exactly that. This year's Festival is gearing up and ready to go. And Mix 106 will be out Friday and Saturday Night celebrating during the Parade as well as at The Balcony. Monday though an incident where a homeowners Pride Flag was burned on their front porch is making national newspapers and TV. Boise Police are investigating the case as malicious harassment. Idaho doesn't include sexual orientation and gender identity in its malicious harassment law. On top of this hate propaganda has been seen posted near the Capital, the Downtown Post Office, and even coffee shops. B.P.D. are asking if you have any information about who is posting the flyers and who may have been responsible for the flag burning incident over the weekend to please call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS or leave a tip online at

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