Remember the days of Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64? Oh heck yeah and even the old Atari games? If you love the throwback games and have always wanted to learn how to maybe build one of your own, then this event at JUMP is for you!

Little girl playing vintage video games with difficulty
CREDIT: marionbirdy Thinkstock

If you've always wanted to learn what goes into the games and gaming consoles of your childhood then this Tuesday, August 8th, will be like your mini DeLorean and take you back to the future of hours and days gone by. Citizen Scientific Workshop is holding a one day class at Jack's Urban Meeting Place (JUMP). While you may not be diving deep into the workings of an original Nintendo the class will learn how to build and new handheld retro gaming system designed by David Ultis. This hands on class will teach your teens and YOU a thing or two about what goes into these gadgets that commanded so much time and respect during our formative years.

The class I believe is filling up fairly quickly but there are still a few spots left. Beginner Friendly, semi smarts or advanced of all ages are encouraged to take part. Prices, as well as more information, is available online at Class time goes from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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