The Treasure Valley is a special place. The people who live in our community are a dedicated bunch. This weekend there are plenty of opportunities for you to give back to the place we all call home.

SERVE Day is this Saturday the 15th of July from 9:00 AM till 2:00 PM. River Valley Church is Boise is leading the charge. Get involved and register to making our city brighter and better than ever just by following their Facebook Link HERE. While the #ServeDay will be happening locally it will also happening around the country at the WORLD. I've been a part of a movement called "Live Service Out" and saw the amazing impact it had on the community I called home. Whether it's helping out your neighbor down the road cleaning there garden, or volunteering at the retirement home across town, that is the essence of #ServeDay .

The video above was taking during another communities event, and I'm certain that Boise will show up and help BIG.  If you would like to get involved it's super simple follow the link for the registration form at This is another great way to make our city better than it was yesterday and for the future.


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