Traffic around the Treasure Valley can be a pain. If you've been near the construction zone, or the no-go zone as well like to call it in our family near Cole and Fairview things aren't looking promising for at least the next few months. Here is what's up. 

Traffic jam
Maciej Korzekwa

So that massive intersection project that was supposed to only take a few months, and then was closed in January re-opened in March is now closed again at Fairview and Cole. The hope was that by this time the construction would have been cleaned out and completed but with the insane amount of winter storms from Snowpacolypse2017 the project is now a few weeks behind schedule. Now the heavily traveled Cole & Fairview intersection will...cross our ready by September.

The jam has created quite the issue for people who live nearby. Alternate routes to Albertsons, the Starbucks, and other business have worked so far, but long term it is not ideal. If you do need to access these area's you are encouraged to reach them via Emerald and The Ada County Highway Department is also suggesting using Milwaukie and Curtis roads.

So what will be some of the positives from the construction once the project is done? The Idaho Statesman outlined some of the "heck yeah" moments online at These include:

▪  Additional left turn lanes for all directions of the intersection.

▪  Dedicated right turn lanes (right turn only) for all directions of the intersection.

▪  Protected bike lanes through the intersection on Fairview Avenue.

▪  Expanded sidewalks.

▪  Upgraded pedestrian ramps that are ADA-compliant.

▪  Pedestrian “refuges” (protected areas) halfway across Fairview Avenue for people who may need a little extra time getting across the intersection.

▪  A retaining wall on the northwest corner of the intersection, separating the parking lot from the sidewalk.

▪  A second lane added to the alley behind Idaho Pizza. That will allow motorists to travel east from Axiom.

So while it may be taking a bit longer than expected at least we have an end date to look forward to. -JD

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